September 6, 2012

Kyle Starr graduated from the University of California, Irvine in 2009 with a BA in Political Science. He is currently employed as a Customer Service Representative / Computer Repair Technician for the world’s top consumer electronics brand. He resides in Orange County, CA.

He is a charismatic, driven, patient, and innovative ENFJ (Myers Briggs) with experience working in a fast paced, high stress, retail environment. He is experienced in Apple hardware, OS X, and iOS technical support, consumer and SMB technology consultation and solutions, consumer electronics sales, customer service, scheduling, and training and development. Kyle is skilled in verbal and written communication; team management and building; technical learning; empathy; and teaching.

Passionate about user/guest experience, video games, entertainment, problem solving, and technology, he dreams of working in a field that will allow him to exploit his empathetic personality and big picture ideas to create world class user experiences.

Kyle’s creative pursuits include creating light shows using MIDI binary input in Logic Pro, studying music and film, podcasting, video editing, screenwriting, directing, creating and editing blog layouts in HTML and CSS, creative writing, op-ed writing, playing bass guitar in several rock bands. In his free time, Kyle enjoys researching the video game industry, visiting Disneyland, jogging, blogging, and most importantly, his girlfriend’s fantastic cooking (eat.savor.enjoy).



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